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Supply & Demand Planning

Small, medium or
large-scale forecasting

Automatically generate statistically driven, weighted consensus forecasts.

​Monitor forecast performance to understand value added or lost at each step.

​Use time-series forecasting to build models that reflect your business realities.

Demand sensing
& shaping

Visually analyze demand data to spot patterns and insights related to sales, shipments, pricing, promotions, etc.

Evaluate sales history and plan for future events – new products, locations, channel introduction – using what-if scenario analysis.

Measure the effect of sales and marketing strategies on consumer demand using multitiered causal analysis.  


Gain near-real-time insight into supply and demand dynamics so you can avoid under- or over-stocking.

Calculate optimal inventory policies using multiechelon optimization with state-of-the-art simulation.

Use predictive modeling and what-if analysis to find out how different variables will affect the supply/demand balance.

Por qué RMG es el Líder en Analítica

Hemos aplicado la analítica a los más complejos problemas de negocios por décadas. Con SAS, usted obtiene soluciones basadas en una poderosa plataforma analítica – y millones de lecciones aprendidas.