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Merchandise Planning & Price Optimization

Merchandise Planning & Price Optimization

Customer-centric assortment planning and optimization

Predict customer demand by channel and forecast the impact on future sales.

Use predictive and prescriptive analytics and advanced clustering to understand a customer's path to purchase.

Identify opportunities to improve performance and increase profitability.

Determine the best assortment mix based on available shelf space and financial objectives.

Optimize merchandising decisions to improve the customer experience. 

Merchandise location

Use trade area analysis to determine local in-store and online merchandising, inventory and pricing decisions.

​Automate processes to predict sales by location, create relevant assortments, optimize inventory, make pricing decisions that resonate with customers, and support e-commerce fulfillment initiatives.


Increase margin potential by understanding historical sales and true size demand.

​Forecast quantities down to store/size level.

Recommend pack configurations to meet supply chain constraints and distribution costs.


Gain incremental margin by optimizing profitable price strategies over product life cycles.

Use analytics to understand competitor pricing, shape demand and meet financial goals.  

Por qué RMG es el Líder en Analítica

Hemos aplicado la analítica a los más complejos problemas de negocios por décadas. Con SAS, usted obtiene soluciones basadas en una poderosa plataforma analítica – y millones de lecciones aprendidas.