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Internet of Things

Enhance all things digital.

Better decisions. Greater insights into the Internet of Things (IoT). And new opportunities for improving lives and growing your business every day. With SAS you get:

The ability to turn data into dollars.
Take a data-driven approach to creating new business models and digital services, building profitable partnerships in a complex value chain, and delivering on customer satisfaction.

Secure, optimized networks.
Heighten the intelligence of your existing security infrastructure to find hidden patterns and relationships suggesting malicious activity. Detect attackers’ reconnaissance activities in real time. And make better cyberrisk and network capacity decisions.

New IoT intelligence from big data analytics.
Our standardized, scalable architecture lets you seamlessly capture and analyze data streaming in from billions of devices and sensors so you can understand how to leverage the Internet of Things, enrich your customers' experiences, and grow your business.

Por qué RMG es el Líder en Analítica

Hemos aplicado la analítica a los más complejos problemas de negocios por décadas. Con SAS, usted obtiene soluciones basadas en una poderosa plataforma analítica – y millones de lecciones aprendidas.